5 Benefits of Buying an SUV

​Don't buy a sedan from Bickford Ford this time around. Instead, opt for a spacious and trendy SUV. When you buy an SUV or crossover, you’ll enjoy comforts that other drivers miss. What are the benefits of buying an SUV? Here are five of the many benefits you can expect.

1- It’s Fun to Drive
Driving an SUV is always fun, thanks to powerful engine options, and available four-wheel drive.

2- You Can do More
When you own an SUV, the world is in your hands. You can get out and do more, and go more places, including exploring nature and all the beauty that it offers.

3- More People for the Ride
If you are tired of leaving people behind due to inadequate space, you certainly need an SUV. There’s always plenty of room for everyone inside an SUV.

4- Great Prices
Don’t think that deals are out of the picture when buying an SUV. In fact, you’ll find impressive deals that will make you smile.

5- Cargo & Towing
As the owner of an SUV, towing and carrying around cargo are two simple things that might not have been so simple inside a smaller sedan or hatchback. What have you to take on the road?


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