For Your Safety, Please Contact Bickford Ford if You Drive a 2017 Ford Focus Built in June

At Bickford Ford, we think of our customers as family. It may be a cliché, but it's true. We see many of the same faces year after year, as you return to us for your next car, your teen's first car, and for all the maintenance along the way.

That's why we hope none of our customers are impacted by the recent recall on 2017 Ford Focus models built between June 7 and June 12 of this year.

According to Ford, fewer than 700 vehicles in the U.S. are affected, and nobody has been injured as a result of the defect. However, if one of the affected vehicles is involved in a collision, the rear left-side passenger could be at risk—as could, potentially, the driver.

The problem is inadequate weld penetration on the seatback of the second-row seat on the driver's side of the vehicle, making the weld too weak.

If you think your 2017 Ford Focus may be under recall, contact our service department at (877) 288-6847 for inspection and repair, so your vehicle is as safe as it should be.

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