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  • Chris Nunley

    Commercial Account Manager

    32 Years of Service at Bickford Ford

  • Chris Webster

    Commercial Account Manager

    17 Years of Service at Bickford Ford.

  • Dan Hudson

    Commercial Account Manager

    16 Years of Service at Bickford Ford.

    Customer Comments:

    My Review of Bickford Ford-Mercury:
    I saw a mustang that Bickford was selling. Contacted them through the internet about the car. Daniel contacted me about the detials on the car. He was very funny and helpful with me questions. Being the distance from where I live and where Bickford is. Dan and I did alot of talking and emailing to each other. He even help give a estimate on how much my trade-in would be approx by the pictures I sent him. That was awesome! When we drove up to dealership. Everyone treated us like we were family. You don't see that everyday. 
    The deal went so well, I didn't even test drive the car. Because I knew that they stand behind their word. We are currently looking at another Vechicle @ Brickford Ford. We are sure that this is going to be another great experience with Bickford Ford.

    My Review of Bickford Ford-Mercury:

    I have bought multiple vehicles and have referred multiple friends to Bickford Ford. Daniel Hudson has been an outstanding sales person for my business and my family. Bickford Ford is very concerned about their reputation in the community and it is obvious that their reputation is impeccable. I highly recommend this dealership and my favorite truck salesman to anyone!

    Satisfied Customer,
    Lake Stevens Wa

    My Review of Bickford Ford-Mercury:
    I've been looking for a field truck for my girlfriend. Was calling around dealerships looking for a mid size. A few said they had something that would work. But when I made it in they would try to sell me something more expensive than I wanted or older. I finally got a hold of Dan Hudson at Bickford. He said he had a Dodge dakota there in my price range. The Dodge just came in on trade in. They said they wanted to run it through their shop before they sell it. Im thankful that they did. They found a vacum leak in the fuel system. And sent the truck over to a dodge dealership to get checked on more dodge specific equipment. Found the minor problem and got it fixed. Dan called me in when it was all done. And even came in on his day off to adjust to my schedule. When I came in he had a carfax report and the what the final price would be after taxes and licensing. I was so impressed with his service my looking changed to buying. I finished up with Eric Berg in finance. I didnt tell them that I wasnt from around there. So the taxes were higher where I was from. I didnt have to say a thing. They just automatically dropped the price down to hit the original quote. Eric was very informative with warranties. And extremely nice. As were all the employees I meet at Bickford. I recommend Bickford and Dan Hudson to anyone looking to buy a vehicle. It will be the first and only place I will go for my next vehicle.

    My Review of Bickford Ford-Mercury:
    I have had the most amazing experience with every car I've purchased from Dan Hudson He never has been pushy, he is genuinely interested in getting me the right car for my family, there is little "negotiations" as he gives us the best price from the start. Dan phiser is amazing with maintaining my vehicles. He is so considerate and thoughtful of my budget and is really informative. They are so fair and seem truely concerned with my families well being. I will continue to buy from Bickford!

    My Review of Bickford Ford-Mercury:
    I have had the BEST experiences at Bickford. Daniel and Jeremy have helped me many times. I continue to go back (4 cars purchased there over 3 years). Extremely fair, helpful, good people! Bickford and the two sales guys I work with continue to give Ford a great name.

  • Teresa Swain
    Commercial Finance Manager

    14 Years of service at Bickford Ford!